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adidas Nemeziz 19.1 Review

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

So the verdict is in... and it's not good.

From all the promising reviews and player uptake from pros moving from the X line, I thought I was going to enjoy this boot. Well, that turned out not to be the case.

They do have their positives though.

First putting the boots on, they are hands down one of the most comfortable on the market. They don't feel overly tight and the sizing is spot on, with this pair being a UK 7.

I've previously used this soleplate and stud pattern on the Nemeziz +, and it performs much the same on the .1 model. The studs offer some fantastic grip on both firm natural grass playing surfaces, and also AG, with the conical studs not being overly aggressive.

On the ball the boots feel amazing, with the fairly thin upper offering a great touch on the ball. These being the Nemeziz 19.1 they don't have the grip texture upper, so do feel a little sick in wet weather conditions.

Now onto the negatives...

As previously mentioned, the upper is fairly thin, but it doesn't stop it from having creasing issues. I'm unsure if this pair was just very unfortunate, but they do bunch up a lot on my feet, causing for some unpleasant looks. It doesn't affect performance too much, but there is that phycological element to it, where I feel when running the ball will catch one of these unsightly creases and veer off.

The biggest gripe for me is the lacing and lockdown.

For some reason, when I pull the laces tight, I feel as if I am going to snap the lace holes. They look very stretched out when the boot is tightened on my foot and it makes me unfordable that they are going to burst open.

Lockdown wise, the heel is a no from me. It is a very slick material used which doesn't grab the sock well, even when using grip socks, and I feel this is partly due to the positioning of the top lace hole. It is too far down the boot, and the design is almost as if there should have been an extra lace hole further up but they forgot to punch it in.

Overall then, would I recommend the boot?

Well, you might have seen this coming a mile off, but no. If you are someone who likes loose boots, or laceless boots then these might be something for you. But, if you prefer a locked in, tight fit, I'd give these a miss!

Thanks for reading!


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