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Allure Calcio Nero - The Review.

This review has been a long time coming and it is of the boot I have had the most questions asked about - The Allure Calcio Nero.

So without further ramblings, let's get right into it! I can't wait.

The Upper

We started here in the unboxing so we shall start here for the review - the upper. A classically styled boot with modern twists, the Nero is a one-piece kangaroo leather upper, with a separate tongue. In my unboxing I made note that the leather was soft and moulded well around the foot, with the stitching creating a nice padded sensation.

Well after testing them, I'm happy to say that this is still the case. First putting the boots on, they felt fantastic, with the upper hugging my foot well. The upper only gets softer with use, and moulds around the foot one warmed up after a couple of minutes of playing in them.

There was no pinching spots or aching when trying to break them in, and overall it is a great quality upper, one which will feel familiar if you are used to wearing Mizuno Morelias or Copa Mundials being 100% kangaroo leather.

It's a good start for the boots!


This leads nicely into to the sizing of things.

These come in true to size, with these being a UK 7, and I had absolutely no issues when testing them. There's not much more that needs to be said here other than go for your normal Nike/Puma size, or match it to your Japanese (CM) sizing.

Soleplate and Stud Pattern

The soleplate is a one-piece Pebax construction and under foot on firm natural grass playing surfaces, performs well.

It is not the most aggressive traction, but that's not to be expected from a conical stud pattern, instead offering a classic feel with a very stable comfortable ride underfoot with no stud pressure. Slippage was not an issue, and with it being riveted, and stitched to the upper, I expect it to serve you well for years to come.

Insole and Heel

The main comfort from this boot comes from the chunky insole. This is a custom EVA insole created for this boot which as I mentioned in the unboxing, provides an excellent level of comfort under foot, even when the ground is very hard. I cannot fault this at all, and if this was offered as a stand alone product, would be a great shout to pick up.

One thing which was a slight concern at the beginning of testing was the heel, which is a classically styled one with very minimal padding. I usually play in boots which have a lot of padding or heel pods (such as the Adidas X Ghosted and New Balance Tekela 1) but after wearing the Nero, I was pleasantly surprised.

The experience I had differed in the heel depending on what type of sock I was wearing. In a pair of Nike crew socks, the heel did feel a little hard on the arch of my heel, but after switching into my slightly thicker TapeDesign grip socks, this was not an issue at all.

Overall Thoughts

So overall then, what do I think?

Well for £244.99 (currently on sale at £174.99) these are not going to be a boot for everyone, although the price can be justified with the handmade element and bunch of extras which are included in the package (GRPStar grip socks, shoe horn, dust bag, leather cream, boot shapers).

However, if you are a fan of more classically styled or leather boots and are wanting something a bit different to the Copas, Morelias and Kings, then these are the boots for you. Make sure to go true to size for the best experience possible. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Allure Calcio Neros and don't have anything to complain about - a truly solid boot!

A big thanks to Allure Calico for sending these out for me to review. You can check them out here: @allurecalcio on Instagram or if you want to get a pair for yourself:


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