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Unboxing: Allure Calcio Nero FG - The Modern Made In Italy Classics?

Today, we take a look at a newcomer to the heritage football boot market, the Allure Calcio Nero FG (Made in Italy).

Starting off with the unboxing experience. These come with extras, which is not the norm for most boots on the market.

Included in the box is: - The boots

- Leather cream

- Boot bag

- Boot shapers

- Shoe horn

- GRPStar Grip socks (choice of colour)

Turning our attention to the boot themselves now, and it's very much a case of Allure by name, allure by nature, with these being very pleasing on the eye.

Allure - "The quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive."

You can't go wrong with a blackout colourway, and this Nero colour way is exactly that. Subtle branding details come in the form of a stamped Allure logo on the tongue, dark grey branding on the heel tab, and a logo coming on each of the shoelace aglets.

The Upper

The upper is comprised of a one-piece kangaroo leather upper, with a separate tongue, keeping with the classic feel the boot.

Straight out of the box, the leather is soft, and moulds well around the foot. The stitching helps create a nice padded sensation, and the leather grain is fantastic.

Insole and Heel

Something which is often overlooked when it comes to boots is the insole. Allure in this instance have left no detail overlooked, and have had a custom EVA insole created for this boot which offers an excellent level of comfort under foot.

Staying on the inside of the boot, the Nero features a leather heel backing with minimal padding, much like a lot of heritage boots offer. If you are someone who likes a lot of padding in the heel, this is something to note.

Soleplate and Stud Pattern

Flipping the boot over, the soleplate is a one-piece Pebax construction and is fairly flexible in the forefoot, offering a good amount of comfort.

It is riveted in the forefoot and heel, and is also stitched from the front to the mid portion of the plate, so there is no worrying about sole separation here. Stud pattern wise, this is a classic one, with 11 main conical studs, and one support stud in the middle and there is no stud pressure.


These are a UK7 and fit very nicely. I am often between a UK 6.5 to UK 7, and these fit with minimal extra room in the toe box, but are not overly tight.

A full written review will be going up once I had fully tested these out, so stay tuned for that.

A big thanks to Allure Calico for sending these out for review, and you can check them out here:

@allurecalcio on Instagram or


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