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How To: Blackout Your Football Boots

For this, I used a spare CustomBlackouts DIY Kit, which I paid for myself, and is in no way endorsed.

Inside the kit is the following:

30ml boot preparation product 30ml boot blackout dye 15ml boot finish coat 1x Wool dauber 1x pair of protective gloves 2x cotton buds 4x preparation pads Detailing brush Clear instructions

Step One Step one is to strip the top coat off of the boot using the preparation product. Inside the bottle there is enough to strip two pairs of boots (I blacked out two pairs). Carefully use the preparation pads (they're cotton wool pads) with the solution on it to rub the layer off. This will allow the dye to take to the upper when you use it. After going over the boot twice, let dry for an hour.

Step Two Using the brush and the dye, go around the edge of the soleplate to make sure of a clean job.

Then using the wool dauber, go across the entirety of the upper ensuring all is blacked out. Don't use too much dye as it will look better when layered up. Allow to dry for two hours.

Apply two more coats of dye, allowing two hours drying time in between.

Step Three After three layers of dye, it's time to seal it in using the finishing coat. Apply two coats leaving two hours in between.

Then all that is left is to do is add black laces. The perfect, professionally blacked out football boots - from home.


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