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How To: Repair Scuffed Leather Football Boots

In this super fast tutorial, I will show you how to repair your scuffed leather football boots. This is especially idea after playing on 3G/4G pitches.

All you will need is a patent leather restorer in the colour that matches closest to your boots. Mine in this case is black and was picked up for a couple of pounds.


You can see in the before photo that the leather has scuffed at the toe through use on 3G pitches.

How To Do It: Clean the surface, and leave to dry. Spread a thin layer across the scuff and continue it down to the soleplate to achieve a better finish.

Allow to dry for an hour and then apply two to three coats of liquid black (or whatever colour your boots are) shoe polish across the boot entire upper. This allows the patent restorer to blend into the rest of the upper.


And that's all it takes! Super quick and easy to do, and restores your boots back to box fresh.


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