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How To: Short Tongue Adidas Copa Mundial Tongue Modification

This will be a step by step guide for those who love the feel of a K-Leather boot but don't feel the huge fold-over tongue is to their taste or need. You also won't have to pay the price which some companies charge for this service.

First of all, remember that modifying your boots in any way will void the warranty you have either with the company or shop you bought the boots from so bear that in mind before carrying anything out!

Right, to the DIY!

The first thing is to remove the laces from the boots, to allow for an easy access to the tongue.

Sew just under the adidas tab on the tongue, this will act as your guide to where you will cut later. You can do this either hand sewing or using a sewing machine, something which will cut the time down by a lot and also make for a neater finish.

Then, stitch another line across the tongue just under this line (around 1cm). This helps to keep the white fabric and the leather together, and the stitching which runs down the tongue from unraveling.

Use a stitch-ripper to take off the adidas branding tab from the tongue, but make sure you do this neatly and don't damage it - it will come in hand later to finish off the project.

Once this is off then the real work can begin. Get yourself a really good quality pair of scissors and cut off about half a centimeter above the top line which you stitched earlier. This will allow there to be a good length tongue left after cutting.

When this is off you either have the choice to leave it as it is and have a more subtle look to the boots or choose to add the adidas branding tab, something which I think makes the boot appear more factory finish and professional.

Place the tab the correct way up on the tongue and position it where it looks best. Sew down both sides of the tab and then across the bottom to finish off the job. It's as simple as that!

You now have a short tongue modified pair of Copa Mundials.

If you have any questions about the mod feel free to ask in the comments or send me an email.


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