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Is the Adidas Nemeziz+ still a genuine competitor in 2021?

With the introduction of three brand new boots from the Adi brand, in the Copa, The X and The Predator, is the Nemeziz which was first released in 2019, still worth it?

Sure, the refresh in 2020 offered a slight upgrade in the form of a grip texture on the upper, but the overall construction of the boot remains the same.

Fit and feel in the Nemeziz + is one of a mixed bag. The upper feels nice, if not a little stiff when first worn, but this is to be expected when getting a laceless boot. Once on foot and walking around, they feel fantastic. Snug, secure, all is good.

When you start running however, this is the kicker. They don’t feel secure on foot with side to side stability taking the biggest hit for me. Lockdown in the heel is good enough for a laceless boot - it’s never going to be perfect, but this is decent enough - but the movement from side to side is poor.

I tried to counteract this by wearing some grip socks and changing the insoles but nothing works.

With this, what does the Nemeziz bring to the table?

The Predator Freak brings a fresh new look to laceless boots. An upper similar to the Nemeziz on paper, with the added benefit of spikes added to the upper, and even collar, to elevate it above the Nemeziz. The Adidas X offers a barefoot experience, with a vacuum fit, a translucent upper which adds to the cool factor.

The Nemeziz then? It offers a poor lockdown, a below average look, and no real competitive edge.

The agility category of boot is a tricky one to nail, and they’ve missed the mark. I hope that in the future Adidas kills off this silo, and puts all of its attention into the X, Predator and Copa.


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