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Match Issue Boots: Gael Clichy Puma EvoSpeed 1.3 SG

Let's take a closer look a pair of Gael Clichy's Puma EvoSPEED 1.3, issued at the time when he was starting regularly for Manchester City.

First up which is probably most obvious is the 6 stud soft ground soleplate. This is one which quite a few PUMA endorsed players have fitted to their boots. Clichy is one of these players and has been playing in a standard 6 stud SG plate for a number of years now. One thing to note is how stiff the soleplate is. This is a brand new pair and it’s very difficult to bend.

The second thing which is different is the heel counter. Because it doesn’t use any of the standard PUMA evoSPEED soleplates, the heel counter in internal and very solid. Over the top of this leather is a mock external heel counter, which doesn’t provide anything in the way of protection but rather makes the boots look like the retail pairs.

Turning our attention to the inside of the boots and there is a few changes again. First of all there is a foam insert running the length of the boot to give more comfort to the wearer. The soleplate is also riveted to the upper, twice in the forefront and once in the heel.

The shape of the boot is also slightly different. The anatomical shape of the standard evoSPEED is not present due to the different soleplate. Instead this pair is slightly more rounded off in the toe box. Clichy also has a custom size on his pair with these being a size 7.25.

Clichy has minimal personalisation on his boots with ‘GC’ on the side.

Do you have any match issue or worn boots? If so, what is the biggest change to happen on those compared to their retail counterpart? Leave a comment below!


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