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Match Issue Morgan Sanson Puma Ultra Football Boots

On the grass today we have the second pair of match issue boots in the series, this time a one of one custom for Aston Villa player, Morgan Sanson.

The first thing you will notice is the upper. This pair coming with a 50/50 split of leather in the forefoot, and a synthetic in the rear, coming together in a diagonal in the mid-foot.

Much like the Puma One 5.1, a supportive cage is in place with 'bars' running down the leather portion, which are visible in some of the photos.

The rear material is a harder synthetic, which adds some rigidity and structure to the boot.

One-piece knit is out, and in its place is a separate tongue, and a normal cut heel which is heavily padded, allowing for a really snug, secure fit on foot. This make-up is the same which can be found on Sergio Aguero's custom Puma Ultra.

The one thing which differs to Aguero's pairs of Ultras is the soleplate. Rather than a custom conical stud pattern, this pair comes with the soleplate lifted straight from the Puma One series.

Above photos courtesy of BCBootsUK

They come in at a UK size 7, and the only personalisation on the boot is found in the heel, with the names of his daughters on alternate boots.

Video taken from Sanson's Instagram Story.


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