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The Most Underrated Speed Boot Out There? - Under Armour Magnetico SL

A boot which sees very little on-pitch uptake, with Ollie Watkins being the notable player wearing them now that Depay has jumped ship to the big cat, these in my opinion are one of, if not the best speed boot options there is out there.

Here, I have a pair with a custom soft ground plate rather than the standard retail FG pairs. Although they are 'pro issue', they can often be found on places such as eBay or M&M Direct.

The upper is a two part deal, with a more rigid, see through synthetic in the heel and mid foot, and then a faux leather finished synthetic in the forefoot. This synthetic is paper thin, and very pliable. The first time you put them on, they feel as if you have worn them for year, like a broken in leather boot - fantastic stuff.

Touch on the ball is as if you are just wearing a pair of socks, and there is no discomfort. There is a suede heel counter which grips your socks very well ensuring no slippage.

This is more a traditional construction, with a separate tongue made from the same translucent synthetic in the heel. If you were to ask me what boot they remind me of, I'd say they are most reminiscent of the 2014 adidas f50 adizero.

I've found myself going to game, warming up in an alternate pair, and then reverting back to this pair of Magneticos for the game itself they're that good.

I picked up my pair for £30 and I can only seeing that price go down as stores try to shift the last few pairs of each colour way before new ones are released, or a totally new generation is dropped.

Would you try out an underrated boot? If you're on the fence, I say go for it - it's always good to try something new!


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