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The Peak of Luxury: Mizuno Morelia MIJ

Luxury leather football boots. I didn't just want 'a' pair, I wanted a top of the range pair. The Ferrari of boots.

After talking through my options with some people, namely @GaijinBootBlog (on Instagram) there was only one contender that I could go for.

The Made in Japan Mizuno Morelia.

I went for my usual size I do for leather boots (half a size down), and I'm very impressed with the fit. Tight on foot, but they should break in beautifully, and mould to the shape of my foot.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to wear these for a few weeks, but as soon as I do and have put enough hours in, a full written review will be up.

For now though, enjoy these photos of a pair of boots which belong in an art gallery.

You can also view my showcase video on these boots on our YouTube channel:


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