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Mizuno Morelia Neo 2 SG - Review

Coming in at an impressive 170 grams, this modern, leather ‘speed boot’ was put through its paces to see how a lightweight leather boot shapes up in 2021.

To note: this is the Made in Indonesia model.

Starting with the looks of the boots, it is one which splits opinion. For me I am a fan of the boot. The runbird logo is the standout for the boot and teamed up with the heel tab gives the boot its unique look contrasting to slightly darker upper.

The boot does come in a variety of colourways with the likes of blues, oranges and white being offered.

The sizing and fit is very true. I have an average to wide foot and these fit with ease. With a soft kangaroo leather forefoot and a synthetic mid and heel which isn’t overly-tight, they fit very nicely. I wear a UK 7 (26cm) in Nike and I stuck with the same size with these and they fit very well.

Out of the box they are slightly snug but after an hour or so of wearing these, the leather starts to stretch and mold to the shape of your foot. The mid-foot synthetic doesn’t feel cheap and matches the thickness of the leather forefoot, allowing for a uniform feel.

The tongue is very thin and doesn’t match the thickness of the rest of the upper. It doesn’t feel bad, but it is something to note.

Inside there is a removable insole, which gives a really comfortable ride and features a slightly rough texture, which helps to grip your sock and ensures no slippage. There is also a suede lining which allows for a comfortable feel on foot and again no slippage. It’s one of the most comfortable linings I’ve worn. Padding in the heel is plenty and doesn't cause any rubbing or discomfort.

The laces which come with the boot have almost a waxy finish to them but I found them to come undone quite often so I switched mine out for another pair. This is a £2 fix, which isn't really an issue.

The soleplate and heel counter is a one piece deal and is a pretty simple design. Based off of the Morelia but updated for the modern day, it gets the job done. It features 6 plastic stud with a middle support stud and 6 metal screw in studs. They perform well on wet, natural grass pitches, proving adequate traction.

Performance-wise these stack up really well. Touch on the ball is really nice about and they offer a comfortable ride which you'd expect from Mizuno.

Shooting and long passing feels really natural in the Neo which is always a positive. The longer you wear the boots the more they will form to the shape of your foot. The boot is riveted at the forefoot so durability won’t be an issue.

Overall these boots are real value for money. They are the Made in Indonesia model but you can pick them up from as low as £70 in sales but even for the £160 retail price they are a steal compared to some other high-end boots. These are one of my go-to pairs at the moment and I’d recommend them to anyone after a lightweight leather football boot.


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